We like to keep our patients Happy & Healthy.

Here are a few patients that had successful outcomes.

“Dr. Medford saved my husband from back surgery. Also, alleviated pain and discomfort from stress and wear and tear of work and life from my shoulders and back.Treats the person---very interested in your health and how to teach you better ways to take care of yourself.”

~ Cassidy

"Dr.Medford is amazing! My whole family goes to her, she did an awesome job with my son. Very friendly and professional, she always does a great job! She did an adjustment while I was pregnant and she did awesome! She truly cares about her clients, we always feel like we got the best care every time we see her. I know everytime we are in Texas we go to her before leaving!"

~ Brittani

“Doctor Medford really cares about her patients. She takes time to listen to their needs and concerns. And she takes a holistic approach in treatments by offering supplements through her office. I love Doctor Medford and would highly recommend her to anyone seeing a chiropractor.”

~ CJ

“This is my first experience with a Chiropractor. I have been dealing with neck and hip issues for at least 4 years. I have had several rounds of physical therapy to only have my symptoms return. Dr. Medford and her staff are fabulous! I would recommend her to anyone. She is very dedicated to her patients whole well being and is passionate about her practice. Can't say enough about how great my experience has been!! 6 stars, but there was only 5 to choose from ”

~ Sonia

"Dr. Medford took care of my newborn baby when he had a slightly displaced jaw after birth. She has since provided treatments to my son and myself. She's amazing with adults & kids. Our family won't see anyone but her!"

~ Rachel

"Dr. Medford is wonderful. She adjusted me and my 20 month old son when I was almost 40 weeks pregnant. We both felt amazing after. She is so great with kids, and I am positive she helped clear out his drainage and align my body for labor. I'll be bringing my newborn in soon."

~ Chelsea

"Dr. Medford has always provided excellent care for our family. Be it for our 1 day old baby or for ourselves, we and our children have had significant health improvements and benefits from being under the care of Dr. Rachel Medford."

~ Jamie

“If you need Chiropractic Care, go see Dr. Medford. She is the best doctor in the Dallas/Fort worth area. she is caring, gentle and compassionate. Her staff is also great. I had chronic back pain, and after adjustments, the pain went away. Dr. Medford is also knowledgeable about wellness, and provides advice on nutrition, vitamin supplements, and recommends massage therapy. She is amazing, and represents the type of doctor we all desire. Go see her. ”

~ Erma

“I absolutely love Dr. Medford. She is the best there is and she truly cares for her patients!”

~ Jessica

These are just a few people that Dr. Medford had helped. If you are facing chronic pain, pregnancy or any other kind of painful conditions and you would like to try a non-surgical  way of healing, why not give Dr. Medford a try. A good Chiropractor maybe all that you need!


If you are one of Dr. Medford's patients and would like to give us your testimony please contact us here.